Price increases on Gong Shuttle an attempt to stop barefoot students from coming to Uni

Daniel R.H. ¦ Writer ¦ Breaking News

The recent Transport NSW suggestions to apply standard OPAL fares to passengers using Buses on Route 55A, 55B and 55C (better known as the ‘Shuttle Bus’ Route) has been met with large outrage by the online community. A petition to keep the shuttle free was created by disgruntled students late last week, and has received over 10,000 signatures since. However, it appears the charges have received the support of one large body, that being the University of Wollongong.

A head figure at the University, who has opted to stay anonymous, has spoken to the Smoking Duck today.

“Yes of course we support it. We’re the ones who suggested the reform to the State Government. Why? To stop students who dress like they’re homeless from getting on campus.”

The logic behind the price increases is the belief that those students would be deterred from spending the $3 to travel to the university from their shared houses in Wollongong’s North.

“If they’re unwilling to buy shoes, a shirt that doesn’t smell like the devil’s lettuce, or even damn shampoo, they’re not going to buy a ticket for the bus,” the head figure continued.

A prominent legal academic at the university commented further on the situation,

“We had our counterparts from the University of Sydney and UNSW here earlier this semester. I had to say that the Cosplay Club was holding a Walking Dead convention just to explain why some of our students were walking barefoot and wearing pyjamas tracksuits at uni. It’s embarrassing.”

We have since spoken to students about the situation. Second Year Creative Arts (Interpretive Dance) student Sharesse Shoobridge, a regular user of the free shuttle service, was staunchly against the proposal.

“I’m sick and tired of these government increased discriminating against University students like myself. I already protest the energy bill increases by only showering once a week, and now I have to deal with this!?”