The Wrong Room Student Diaries: Part One

This is part one of the student diary that was featured in the “McKinnon Lawn: An Archaeology student’s dream gold mine” article.

Dear Diary,

So, today was the first day of uni and I ended up in the wrong room for my BIOL104 lecture. I had turned up in a lecture for business instead, of which I am far from interested in. This honest mistake continued down a destructive, dishonest path as the hour went by. My first error was sitting down in the centre of the front row. Can you imagine trying to walk out from that position? What if the lecturer had stopped talking when I packed up my belongings and left? It would’ve been totally humiliating. And with those thoughts in mind I stayed put, eventually letting go of the truth, burying myself deeper underneath all the lies.

So, while I sat there, I started talking to the person next to me to suss out what subject it was without hinting that I was lost. You know, questions like “I wonder what he will talk about in our first lecture? Did you download the slides?” Fortunately, the girl next to me had downloaded them, which was when I had my worst fear confirmed… it was the wrong room.

The girl next to me introduced herself as Kelly. She told me she was doing a double in law and business, to which I replied without thinking, “Oh sick, me too.” With that she didn’t hesitate to suggest we become study buddies.

“Damn, why did I say I was doing the same degree?” I thought to myself. I should’ve just said it was a random elective.

The next problem was when the lecturer asked the class to name a “current social media platform that provides quick status updates.” I wasn’t even thinking; my head was still in a bit of a daze from the study buddies mistake. Before anyone else could get a word in I promptly shouted in a high-pitched voice, “Facebook!” At this point I had totally screwed myself over having just announced to the lecture hall brimming with people that I was the smart kid, front and centre.

The final nail in the coffin happened while I was hastily getting ready to leave at the end when Kelly yelled out, “I’ll send you a facey message for that study sesh, see you next week!”

“Yeah I can’t wait! See you then!” I replied.

Why did I say that? I can’t keep this lie going, but I have to now, we’re study buddies.

I won’t be able to catch up on the BIO104 lecture yet, since the two classes clash, so maybe I will have to keep attending the business lecture and study sessions with Kelly while I catch up. If I go for a little longer another opportunity to get out of this mess may come about.