Vegan Activist Caught Downing Cheeky Chicken Toastie at Panizzi

UOW vegan activist Sammy Jenkins was caught on camera giving in to the dark side with a sneaky chicken toastie earlier today.

Jenkins reportedly walked into Panizzi wearing a hoodie and tinted glasses before slinking off behind the back of the library with the toastie in hand.

Caption: Proof

Jenkins was last seen hunched in the corner of IGA trying to bleach his mouth with almond milk.

Jenkins has always been a passionate advocate for animal rights and was once arrested for burning an effigy of Ronald McDonald outside his local butcher.

Friends of Jenkins told The Smoking Duck that it will be a while before this lapsed vegan recovers.

“He’s run off into the mountains now so that he can be far away from the world. The only way he is surviving is by eating the leaves around him and with a thousand hours worth of animal slaughter videos,” one friend said.

“He should be alright as long as we knock out his memory. I’ll be ready with the bat when he emerges from the wilderness.”