About TSD All of our quacks on display

The Smoking Duck is a completely unique club, you will find nothing else like us on campus.

Established in early 2017, The Smoking Duck is a young, continually evolving club at the University of Wollongong. Drawing inspiration from sources such as the Harvard Lampoon, the Betoota Advocate and the Chaser’s War on Everything, the Smoking Duck is UOW’s answer to the generic landscape of overly righteous, overly political and overly serious clubs and societies.

We are a literary club run by students with the aim of promoting discussion about topical issues concerning campus life, perceived through a satirical and sarcastic lens. Aside from this, our main objective is much simpler; to make people laugh.

2017 was a terrific year with a lot of positive affection from fans who enjoyed reading the articles, and our inaugural End of Year Magazine titled, ‘Find your Why’. The magazine was so successful we were proud to donate all of our $250 profit to local initiative ‘Young Clothes for the Homeless’.