McKinnon Lawn: An archaeology student’s dream gold mine

After days of excavating the McKinnon lawn, archaeology students have uncovered some truly remarkable items. An ancient, yet still bouncy sack of goon paired with a crumbling student diary were among the items found, which traced all the way back to 2012.

This incredible find reveals some questionable decisions made by a UOW student after they entered the wrong lecture hall and never turned back.

Although the diary is mostly incomprehensible, due to erosion and what archaeology students believe to be tear stains, the preserved entries held within are the stuff of any uni student’s nightmares. There is suspense, there’s horror and worst of all, even severe rhetorical questioning.

Trudy M. Dieval, a 3rd year archaeology student, believes that this is one of the most significant excavations made by the university in the past decade.

“To find a student diary still partly intact was truly an ecstatic feeling. Never before have past student records been uncovered containing this much detail. Also, Australian archaeologists have never excavated a semi preserved goon sack before, especially in situ.”

These archaeology students have come to the conclusion that these items were uncovered in an authentic location, as if they were trapped in time.

“Using stratigraphy, we were able to conclude that the diary, sack of goon and other unidentifiable items, were in fact not buried deliberately. Rather, we believe they were left and forgotten about after a long night of hitting the goon sack by said student.”

The diary seems to be unnamed, but we’re hoping for the author to come forward soon.

Goon of Fortune: It is suspected that the discovered Goon Sack may have been involved in activities as depicted in this photograph.