Top 10 Ranking of University Degrees

Daniel R.H. ¦ Writer ¦ Top 10s

10. Bachelor of Communications and Media:

Despite BCM essentially being a glorified Arts Degree, and not one prominent figure in the media having wasted their time with this degree, you will leave BCM with the requisite skills of how to create and maintain a social media empire.

[For relevancy, see NSW Police Force Facebook Page].

9. Bachelor of International Studies

The fun of an Arts Degree combined with the pressure of mastering a language.

8. Bachelor of Medicine

Reportedly takes students on average 8 years of study to get their Bachelor of Medicine. Takes only 3 years to get a Bachelor of Arts. This leads me to the conclusion that students of this degree are inept and slow.

7.Bachelor of Laws

The reason this degree ranks so low on this list is not for the degree itself, but because of the students. They are nothing but a bunch of self-important elitists that will name-drop their degree at any chance possible. Trust me, I’d know, I’m a law student.

[p.s. They will earn far less money than they will like to admit]

6. Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Psychology students will know why there is a distinction between regular psych and honours psych, and that distinction is, if you don’t maintain a distinction, you may as well have done an Arts degree.

5. Bachelor of Commerce

The degree you choose when you don’t know what you want to do with your life, but you don’t have the work ethic to become a tradie.

4. Bachelor of Creative Arts

Students have the ability to pursue their wildest career ambitions through a Bachelor of Creative Arts. Double this with the fact they will never have to worry about paying off their HECS debt because they will never earn any money, then you’ve got yourself a pretty good degree.

3. Bachelor of Primary Education

A degree that requires you only to work 6 hours a day, gives you 12 weeks holidays a year, and the only catch is you have to be smarter than an 11 year old. Why are teachers striking all the damn time?

2. Bachelor of Engineering

A degree with actual social utility and with a high prospect of entering the workforce on a half decent salary! All you have to do is spend your university years in a degree with a bunch of unattractive, socially awkward males and spend the remainder of your miserable life doing mathematics for 10 hours a day.

1. Bachelor of Arts

Everyone at university knows the reputation this degree has. It has been the punch line of jokes made by pretentious law, medicine, commerce and engineering students for decades. I have made four jokes at their expense just in this list! Yet, people still choose to persist with this degree. That’s the sort of sheer tenacity and resiliency that gives Arts students the #1 rank. The sort of can do, fuck you attitude that people need to make it in the harsh reality that awaits life after university.