UOW students to take part in Kyrgyz edition of Married at First Sight

In a move that has stunned Wollongong fans of the show Married at First Sight, Channel 9 has revealed participants for next season will be exclusively picked from Wollongong University.

Channel Nine has also imported some Kyrgyz spice for the upcoming season, which will feature the not uncommon practice of kidnapping the future love of your life and forcing her to marry you.

A spokesman for Nine announced online,

“We think it would be great to put the contestants outside their comfort zones by springing the marriage on them as a big surprise.”  
“We have brought in a brand-new team of experts from across the globe to find the best possible matches. More than ever, the contestants will be everyday students right off campus.”

UniLife has put out a statement welcoming the move, which it says will add variety to the UOW experience.

“In addition to their studies, students can get a taste for the life that awaits them after they fail to reach their dreams and have had to settle for less.”
“Successful marriages will receive extra points towards UOWX and couples who produce children will gain free UniLife membership.”

Fans have been given a sneak peek of one of the new experts, Igor.

Armed with a potato sack and a Soviet Era Lada (extra space in the car boot. Lada photographed above), Igor brings 20 years worth of matchmaking experience through his extended family and is sure to have an eye for chemistry.

“He’s the new Scott Cam from The Block. The producers have outdone themselves by bringing him to get the contestants to really commit to each other.”

“It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry. I think the couples will have range of challenges ahead of them, but who knows what the future holds. Will they find true love? Or will they just become ‘study buddies’? Stick around and find out in our next season.”

Today marks open season for next season’s student enrolments.

Look around campus for the man with a sack, to score your chance at true love!