Student Discovers ‘Sports Hub’ Not Just Used For Exams; Also Sports

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On the cusp of her graduation from a Law degree, 4th year student, Sarah Wickman, has just become the first UOW student to discover that the Sports Hub is used as a sports facility, and not just as a location for exams. She made her recent discovery while accidentally stumbling into the building, looking for anyone who didn’t yet know that she was a law student so she could then inform them that she was, in fact, a law student.

“I always thought it was kind of misleading to call it the ‘sports hub,’” she said of her finding that the hundreds of desks usually in the building had concealed multiple basketball courts.
“But I never thought it would be used for actual sport. Who’d have guessed?” She continued, before going on to question UOW’s decision to utilise the building as a sports center. “Who in their right mind would want to play a game in the same place they ruined all prospects of getting a well paying job by failing the Property Law final? Not exactly much of a home ground advantage in my opinion.”

This discovery is expected to result in drastic changes to the performance of students during exams.

“I mean, yeah, I liked it better when I didn’t know it was a sports building,” said Harry Ram, a philosophy major. “I thought the hoops they had set up were like, totally a metaphor for reaching your career goals and slam dunking the exams. I was super inspired! But now I know those hoops are just used for basketball, it completely ruins it, hey.”