Student union solves funding crisis with office meth lab

After years without a steady funding source, the Wollongong Student Union has finally found the answer… Methamphetamine.

The union president’s office had been transformed into what they hope will be UOW’s #1 meth lab.

“This isn’t our low point,” a union spokesperson said.

“People have fucked in that room.” (Yes, that actually happened.)

They had to look for these new options because the union doesn’t have a funding agreement with the university.

“But if we snag a couple of junkies at the metho clinic before they turn their lives around, we’ll have enough money to pay for free printing this year.”

The spokesperson also stressed the need for ethical meth making.

“While we cannot afford to pay our employees, each worker will be reimbursed with coupons nicked from UniLife.”

If you would like to know more or help this cause, go to the Wollongong Union Meth Lab Facebook page.