Student seeking advice after she is super-liked by a tutor on tinder

So, can I get academic consideration if I get knocked up by my tutor?”

4th year engineering student Eden Cox is weighing up her options after being super-liked by her tutor on Tinder, an action traditionally only used by fuckboys and 40 year-old-men.  

“Am I the only one getting MeToo vibes?” Cox said.  

“It’s like discovering a rare Pokemon, except the Pokemon discovers you, and marks your assessments.”   

But where some see an awkward situation, Cox sees a prime blackmail opportunity.   

“Either he gives me full HD’s or I’m sending his unimpressive dick pics to Vice Chancellor Wellings… and his wife.”

“The next time I walk into class, I’ll be an hour late in my pj’s with my legs on the table. I’m going to shit-talk the rest of the session and there’s nothing he can do about it.”    

When she was asked about why she wasn’t even a little creeped out, Cox said it’s nothing new because she went to a girls-only boarding school in the northern suburbs of Sydney.